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This page will be updated with ideas and thoughts about computer support and advice so check back for my thoughts on fixing your computer or protecting your computer.

Quite honestly with Google almost any answer can be found but sometimes the answer is intimidating. I am here to help if you do not fully understand something ask me to show you how.

Did you know there is a Free Version of a Word Processor program? Just like Microsoft Office there is an open source program you can download and use for free. It is called Open Office and it is written by Sun Microsystems. It can be a little intimidating finding and installing the software and this is something I could do for you. I can also help you to understand how to use.

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Have you ever worried about a website someone sends you. Do you know how to check the website to make sure it does not damage your computer?

This is what I call offensive protection for your computer.

If you do not visit a website with the potential of damaging your computer you are one step ahead of the hackers.

If you get an email and it has an attachment and it is from someone you know and trust.....maybe even your best friend would you open the attachment?

If you said YES then BANG!!! you just got a virus.

Some programs will use your email to send themselves out to your friends computers. Yes Viruses are that smart.

Never open an attachment from someone unless you are expecting it to arrive. Or you can email that person back and ask them what they sent you and where it came from.

Do not forward emails unless you know for certain they do not have a virus. It might seem like a cute or funny joke but, in the background there could lurk a virus and all it is waiting for is to be sent by you to its next victim.

Free Antivirus that really works?

Is that possible?

There are a couple versions out there which work very well at protecting you from a virus. One is called Avast, another is Malwayre Byes and finally Microsoft offers its own free version of antivirus.

Another way viruses get on your computer is you visit a website thinking it is what you are wanting and you hit the download button thinking you are installing what was advertised and next thing you know there is a program on your computer asking if you want to speed up your computer or there are windows opening when you get on the web.

I can remove annoying pop up windows and unwanted programs from your computer.

When you want to download something pay very close attention at where you are downloading from. There are a few places that are safe and they check the software before you download it but, bottom line download for the person/company who wrote the software. IE if you want Microsoft Office download from Microsoft you want Adobe Reader download it from Adobe and look at the box in your browser and make sure the company names appears in the URL.

Did you know you can no long use Outlook Express in Windows 7 or Vista.