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These are some run commands if you have never used a run command before from the lower left corner click > start > run and type in the command hit enter or OK and walla it will open one of the below listed commands. Some will not work in Windows 7 or have changed and I tried to make note of these. If you see a mistake feel free to send me a message and let me know.

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If you do not see the Run available you may need to add it.

Right Click Taskbar> Click on the Start Menu Tab > then click on the Customize Button Scroll >> down towards the bottom of the list and look for the box for Run Command put a check mark here then click apply

calc > is my favorite and most often used by me it will open the calculator for you. Instead of having to click start then accessories then tools simply type calc in the run box and you are off and running.

control admintools > brings up administrative tools

cmd > is another very handy command this will open up a DOS box in which you can also type commands some commands need to be ran in DOS and keep in mind some must be ran as an Administrator in the DOS box.

Some commands such ascompmgmt.msc

May ask for administrator privileges This is a short cut to computer management and as with all things in windows there are three to six ways to accomplish the same task for instance you can right mouse click my computer and then left mouse click Manage and get the same tools.

Warning Do Not Use These Commands

If a command asks for Administrator Privileges it is probably best you do not use it unless you understand what you are doing. These commands will allow you to open anything you might normally open but, I want to make sure I post that there could be consequences if you mess around with some of these settings. Some of the commands are very benign and helpful others could be very destructive if you decide to start tweaking and making changes user be warned.

control > will open a window with all of the control panel items

devmgmt.msc > will open Device Manager which is a good place to check and make sure everything is operating as it should.

want to clean up the garbage on your hard drive try this command


after you clean things up it is time to defrag the drive

dfrg.msc > for XP

or this command for W7 > dfrgui

control color > use this command to change windows color and appearance

eventvwr.msc > Opens Even Viewer

fonts > check out your fonts

pbrush > will open paint so you can draw pictures

notepad > yup notepad another of my favorites wanna jot and print some quick notes this is an easy way.

regedit > this is one best left alone unless you really know what you are doing or if you really want to trash your computer go in here and make a few changes. There is also regedit32

msconfig > this is one is great for stopping annoying pop programs from starting but, you still want to keep. Again though you can mess up your computer so beware if you use this one it could give you a headache. I can use this command with confidence to help speed up your computer when it is booting up and also while it is running. Feel free to schedule an appointment for me to run this command and or to teach you how it works.

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taskmgr > want to know what is eating up all your memory this tool will show you plus alot more.

msinfo32 > really handy if you need to find a driver but, you do not know the model of your computer or the sticker is gone showing what the model was

explorer > quick way to find files and folders
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